Out of Print – L Phantasm released on FMA for your listening pleasure.

Brown Wing Overdrive

Kavekavity released only 50 cdrs of L Phantasm and rather keep this a secret, we decided it was time to share this madness via Free Music Archive. Enjoy!

L Phantasm collects the best of Brown Wing Overdrive’s haunted states circa 2006 (and a few years after). This release is the last in the IQ trilogy and is actually prequel to all of BWO’s releases thus far. Although early BWO began as a duo between Chuck Bettis and Derek Morton, L Phantasm marks the beginning of Mikey IQ Jones added mayhem that would span over three records and a few years of live shows. The manic rhythmic interplay of ESP Organism, the bands Tzadik release, is replaced by Morton’s poisonous synth vapors, coaxing Bettis into fugue states where his vocals reach out beyond the dead. Anguished electronics, chaotic circuits define the records exploration of deep psyche-dementia through noise and séance.