LIVE RECORDINGS: Silent Barn Resurrection Show Redux

On Wednesday May 22nd, Brown Wing (original flavor) w/Mikey IQ Jones made some noise at Silent Barn. The set was short and sweet but its safe to say the co-webs are sufficiently dusted/blown off.

See the last two minutes set crescendo:

You can also view Derek’s photos of the night on Flickr which includes Pet Bottle Ningen, Barr/Deblase/Kwartowitz Trio, and DeTrop.

Thanks to Yuko and Peter Gannushkin for capturing the evening as well. See Peter’s photos at his crazy amazing website

LIVE RECORDING w/Yuriko Higuchi and Dave Miller (@ Coco 66)

Live @ Coco66

BWO performed another ritual on 6/19/11 at Coco66 with drummer Dave Miller (PET BOTTLE NINGEN), a close collaborator of recent months. Unbeknownst to both Dave & Derek at that time is that Chuck secretly invited saxophonist Yuriko Higuchi (YOKAI, SILVER PROCESS) to join BWO during the performance. The surprise worked well and an explosion of spontaneity erupted.

BWO in Europe

Brown Wing Overdrive in Italy
photo from Museo del Frantoio in Cantanzaro, Italy

Here are a bunch of recordings made from our European Tour in 2010. Some of which are VERY different that the usual din that we make in the US. ENJOY!

live @ L’Ecurie (Geneva, Switzerland) 11/10/10

live @ Centro Di Aggregazione (Cantanzaro, Italy) 11/12/10

live @ Cantina Mediterraneo (Frosinone, Italy) 11/14/10

live @ Clandestino (Faenza, Italy) 11/15/10